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Do you offer managed hosting?

Honestly, it’s totally managed — in case if you face issues with your server, you can contact our support team.

How can I transfer a domain?

  • To transfer the domain, firstly remove your domain lock and obtain an authorization code.

How to purchase the best domain at a reasonable price?

Regardless of whether you’re beginning a site for your business or merely purchasing a domain of your child’s name, the excellent and accurate domain establishes the framework for a fantastic site and an engaging online presence. With GoDaddy, you can enlist domains for a minimum of ₹ 73.89. You can even catch a free domain with one of our site hosting/facilitating plans.

How can I establish a URL redirect for a domain?

Under the Domain class or category, pick the Redirects menu. You’ll see the Create a Redirect area/section. Then, you’ll need to fill in which URL you need to Redirect and where you need it to Redirect To. Ensure that the given information or data is right and pick the correct association convention –                                               HTTP or HTTPS.

How can I establish a URL redirect for a domain?

  • First of all, log in to your Just Host Control Panel.
  • After this, click the Domain link at the ridge of the page.
  • After clicking the domain link,                                                                      choose your domain name from the catalog of domains.
  • Besides this, snap the Name Servers tab.
  • After this, select Use Custom Nameservers.
  • After selecting use custom Namesrves,                                                     enter in the new name workers.
  • Then Save Nameserver Settings.

How can I effectively change the nameservers for my domain?

  • To generate or create a CSR code, open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  • After this, select the server where you need to produce the declaration.
  • Steer to Server Certificates.
  • Then select Create a New Certificate.
  • After choosing create a new certificate, enter your CSR characteristics and specifications.
  • Then, select a cryptographic specialist organization and touch/segment length.
  • After all, this process, Save the CSR.
  • Then, generate the order.